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Links & sources

references to web sites

www.povetrnik.cz - windmills in Czech Republic
www.pametihodnosti.cz - monuments of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
www.ehd.cz - Days of European Herritage
www.timsmills.info - The International Molinological Society (TIMS)
www.windmillersgazette.com - TIMS U.S.A.
www.ruprechtov.cz - official web sites of the village of Ruprechtov
www.restaurace-andrle.cz - Presentation of Andrle Restaurant in Ruprechtov
www.elektrodesign.cz - project partner

basic references

The chronicle of Ruprechtov

allegation of contemporaries

Ing. Milan Kepert, Technical museum in Brno, Brno-Komárov
Stanislav Bajer, Sivice (Pozořice)
Jiřina Doulová-Tesařová, Praha


Special map Prossnitz und Wischau, 8-XVI, 1880
Cadastral map Ruprechtov 1930, Vyškov
Papežík B., Vyškov (regional map) 1945, Museum Vyškov

archive phographs

Collection of fotografs of Museum Vyškov
Photo archive of Technical museum in Brno (Ing. Procházka)
Archive of Historical museum of Slavkov (Austerlitz) in Slavkov, Brno (wind pumps in Sivice and Tvarožná)


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