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Exhibiton to 150 years of windmill 

Until April 2024 only on reservation - groups min. – 10 person 
May - September : Closed (Possibility of a week-term accommodation)  
Reservation of tours : Contact for reservation

Windmill history

The windmill was built in 1873 as a classical Dutch-type windmill with four blade wheel and pivoting roof. After a few years of service it suffered a damage in windstorm, resulting in its modernisation and uniqueness from today's point of view.

To replace the original design, Cyril Wágner the owner and builder installed in 1882 thru 1884 Halladay turbine, named after its inventor and design engeneer, American farmer Daniel Halladay. The runner consists of a chain of operable vanes controlled by rods, enabling them to be tilted as required automatically according to the wind. Duble tail vane maintained the wheel at the right course. Using this invention, the mill could double its output in corn processing.

The turbine with a diameter of 10 meters, weighing approximatelly 2 tons revolves at about 16 meters above the ground.

Halladay turbine which is unique here as well as in Europe used to be employed in great numbers in Texas, powering sawmills and waterpumps. Located at Drahanska highlands in between towns of Vyskov and Blansko in the village of Ruprechtov, the windmill is a technical monument proposed for inclusion in National as well as UNESCO List of Monuments.